Become a Moe Freak influencer


About our Influencer Program


Our influencer program is a way for us to let you share and expand Moe Freak, while also giving you rewards on the way. A small audience, big audience, either way we appreciate all the help we can possibly get. Become a promoter for our brand today!


Who is this for?


Anyone with either a big or small following can become a Moe influencer. If you think your followers would be interested in our brand and supporting you, this is for you.


Will I get free product samples?


In some cases we ship out free product samples to influencers with a big influence; bigger profiles etc. We scout for them all the time and sometimes they come to us. We can only afford so many, and that is why we wanted to do a system where we can include as many as possible and give out awesome rewards either way.




(Make 5 sales - get USD $40 IN-STORE credit)


(Make 10 sales - get USD $80 USD IN-STORE credit)


Rewards will be payed out as discount codes w/ a set amount. These can only be used once. Any unused credit by the use of a discount code is your loss.


How does it work?


Sign-up for our influencer program. You can specify your own custom discount code and link. You can put this link in your bio or in posts, spread the word about Moe Freak. You get a dashboard where you can keep track of every sale you make. Each sale you get us is rewarded with $8 USD IN-STORE CREDIT in form of discount codes. We pay them out once you have reached a minimum of 5 sales.


To become a Moe Freak Influencer, please sign-up on our affiliate system (



Disclaimer: we do not pay rewards outside of in-store credit unless otherwise specified. Even if the payment info page states that you may be payed through PayPal, we will use in-store credit in almost all cases. Any in-store credit remaining by the use of a higher value discount code on smaller orders will be lost.