VAT in the EU

Value Added Tax for EU orders:

We charge VAT on orders to EU countries if the value of all items combined is less than €150 before VAT and shipping.

This saves you money (no extra customs fees) and makes packages pass customs quicker.

If your order is destined for the EU, but exceeds the €150 limit, VAT will not be added automatically. Any orders above €150 will be charged VAT/customs fees at the border instead of by us. You’re responsible for paying VAT and any fees for such orders to your local authorities. You can place multiple orders below €150 if you want avoid this.

More details: In 2021 the EU made collection of VAT semi-mandatory for businesses outside the EU for all small parcels where the intrinsic value of the goods are below €150 (before VAT and shipping costs). We are registered in the IOSS registry in Sweden and forward all VAT collected from orders we receive to your local country in the EU for all qualifying orders.


VAT in Norway:

We charge 25% moms (MVA) on all orders to Norway since we’re a registered business based in Norway.


VAT for the rest of the world:

Customers in all other countries except Norway and the EU are responsible for paying duties and taxes (if any) when the package arrives at your local customs.

Customers in the USA pay no taxes at this time.